Students of the Month – January 2019

Student of the Month - January 2019Victoria Landeros, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Kristen Parker
Victoria is always on task and puts her best effort forward in Art. She shows creativity and careful craftsmanship in every project. She is also friendly and welcoming to all her classmates.

Lana Mowry, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Kristen Parker
Lana is an eager and engaged young artist who completes beautiful artwork in class and works outside of class on her own artwork. She brings enthusiasm and kindness to each class.

Dylan Perreno, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Kristen Parker
Dylan brings a positive attitude and open mind ready to try new ideas and techniques in art classes. He is a friendly and caring class member to both students and teacher alike.

Karina Ratra, 9th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman
Karina works hard and always tries to perfect anything she attempts to do. She has been among the top students in all of the units we have done so far, including flag football, volleyball, basketball, and badminton. She is a positive force in the class and is a pleasure to work with!

Sebastian Espinoza, 10th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman
I have been so impressed with Sebastian’s work ethic in Advanced Weight training.  As a member of the Baseball team, he has high goals for himself and works hard to meet those goals while having fun! He is a pleasure to have in class and I can always count on him to be active and involved.

Emilia Valdez, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson
Emilia started regular Spanish 2 last year second semester, and then she decided to try Spanish 3 honors. Her hard work and dedication have paid off and she has become one of the best writers I have in class. She always pays special attention to details and I am glad to see that she feels proud of her work. Si se puede!

Jackson Myatt, 11th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman
Jackson is a fun, hard working young man who puts his all into everything he does.  He also knows how to joke around, have a good time, but is never out of control, knows his limits and sticks to them.  His classmates respect him and they are happy when he is on their team! He is a great addition to the Intermediate PE Class.

Leila Velasquez, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson
I am very pleased with Leila’s work this semester; she is determined to get better grades and I know my class is not easy for her. She participates in softball and she has other commitments as well, but this does not affect her determination and her hard work this month.

Nicole Cruz, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
I feel that our course does a sufficient job at digging deep into complex Biblical subject matters. However, studious Mariners like Nicole Cruz instinctually gravitate to dig even deeper into the Bible narratives we cover.  Nicole is an intellectual who hungers and thirsts for knowledge, often achieving great things.  I’m in great awe of her qualities!

George Gomez, 12th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman
George is impressive in his work in the weight room.  Many of the students watch in awe as he pushes himself to new levels. He gets right to work every class, and has great goals in mind of what he hopes to accomplish. He is respected and admired by his classmates for his hard work and dedication.

Tanner Lakes, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
Tanner has met her share of academic challenges this semester. But despite a demanding workload, she has remained steadfast and purpose-driven.  Not only has she scored impressively well over the semester thus far, she has modeled great respect to her peers and the course.  I am always proud of her.  She’s a Mariner with a bright future ahead of her!

Kailani Smith, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Ana Patterson
I am very impressed with Kailani’s work. She is taking AP Spanish and despite the fact that it is a difficult class, she is very diligent with her work. Outside of school she consistently tries to speak Spanish with anyone she knows to be a Spanish speaker. She is also very involved with cheer inside and outside of the school and has everything ready for Father Moreau day for her club. All of these activities don’t stop her from working hard and maintaining high standards.