Students of the Month – October 2018

Khushi Bhalla, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Khushi energizes her Honors English 9 class with her blend of positive energy, ability to work well with others and mature, well-thought-out comments during classroom discussions. She is hard working and highly motivated. She is a pleasure to have in class!

Olivia Breuil, 9th grade, nominated by Coach Ben Greenbaum
Olivia is an energetic and positive student. She has a great personality and brings a smile to every class. Thank you for always having an optimistic point of view and bringing laughter into the classroom.

Jacob Cardoso and Jasiyah Garron, 9th grade, nominated by Coach Ben Greenbaum
Jacob and Jasiyah are respectful young men that are always looking out for the best of their classmates and their teacher. They show great respect and consideration for our theology class. They both welcome everyone with a smile and a good attitude. Thank you for your energy and positive attitudes.

Sydney Ebert, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Sydney’s blend of a hard-working nature with her positive presence makes her a pleasure to have in class. She is always thoroughly prepared for class and works well with her peers in Honors English 9. Her frequent participation in our classroom literature discussions demonstrates skillful analysis and critical thought.

Neranti Gary, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Neranti brings an impressive level of preparation, diligence, and insightful thinking into each of his Honors English 9 classes. He is extremely active in classroom discussions, and he brings a mature and thoughtful approach to his comments. Neranti works well with his peers and consistently produces highlevel work.

Siya Kamboj, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Siya infuses a positive well-prepared, and thoughtful presence into her Honors English 9 class. She is hard working and well organized. She works well in groups and is an active, frequent participant in class discussions, offering a high level of critical thought in her comments and responses.

Jeremey Guerrero, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Kristen Parker
Jeremy is a focused and talented artist who designs very creative and imaginative pieces in art. He is a respectful and kind student and classmate to work with.

Ella Murchison, 9th grade, nominated by Coach Ben Greenbaum
Ella is a hard-working student who will be very successful in her life because of her dedication to schoolwork. Even when challenges are placed in front of her, she does not shy away, but instead focuses and doesn’t give up. Thank you for being a cheerful, determined, and respectful student.

Kamryn Otico, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Kristen Parker
Kamryn is a self-directed learner; she is always on task and shows strong leadership skills as a helpful classmate and role model to others. She puts her best effort forward the first time and tries again if her work does not turn out as expected or at the ability she knows she is capable of.

Sydnee Pullman and Gianna Holguin, 9th grade, nominated by Coach Ben Greenbaum & Ms. Christine Krisman (Sydnee Pullman) (Per Coach Ben)
Sydney and Gianna are amazing students who care not only about their peers, but also about their education. They are extremely friendly, helpful and caring. (Per Ms. Krisman) Sydnee is a very competitive young woman who knows how to win with grace and lose with dignity, though she rarely loses. She is a great leader to the other students in class, taking time to help those who struggle in our activities with positive support and coaching. She is always helpful, positive and works hard to be the best. She is respected and loved by her classmates and her teacher!!

Amira Thomas, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman
Amira has a smile that rarely leaves her face, and it is a joy to behold. She is one of those people who can raise your spirits just by her presence, and when she adds that killer smile, you have no doubt that all is good with the world! She is humble, works hard, and can always be counted on to do the right thing. Amira is always so pleasant, friendly and supportive to her classmates; she truly lights up my life.

Zoie Tsoi, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Kristen ParkerZoie is a naturally gifted artist; she works with a strong attention to detail with all her art projects. She is a quick learner of new concepts and techniques then applies them seemingly effortlessly to make impressive artwork each time.

Ty Aldridge, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman
I have the honor of teaching Ty in first Period PE and then watching him stand out on the JV Football team. He is a true team player in both venues. He supports his classmates and teammates, never has a bad word to say to or about anyone, and is truly an outstanding young man and athlete.

Judith Bosl, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil
Judith is a wonderful student in my class – always cheerful, smiling, encouraging others, making the classroom a great experience for everyone. She is always willing to help out, and has become my “classroom assistant” in many ways by helping me with tasks as the class starts and as it ends, such as helping me with attendance, erasing the board after class, etc. She also is a straight A student and always completes her assignments promptly and thoroughly.

Javier Ibaceta, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Peter ShelleyJavier has really improved in his approach, discipline, creativity, and care for his theology work. His kindness and thoughtfulness have always been present and now combined with his elite scholarship, make him a true example of a Mariner who understands the education of the mind and heart!

Kirk Kinzler, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil
Kirk is an outstanding student. He gets near-perfect grades. He gives 100% in class, and is always on task. He never is late. He is extremely responsible. And on top of all this, he is the perfect student in class in terms of demeanor and behavior – always polite, courteous, smiling, supportive of other students – helping makes the class a joy to teach.

Danica Martinez, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Kristen Parker
Danica is a quick and efficient worker in Ceramics. She is able to easily translate her 2D pans into 3D pieces in a style that is both realistic and imaginative. She is a careful and thoughtful worker who does her best work every day.

Naomie Shah, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Peter Shelley
Naomie is a top scholar. She always does her work with care, rich ideas, indepth analysis and probing questions. What is unique about Naomie is her kindness toward others. I have seen her numerous times teaching and helping other students with their work. She is a mini-teacher in the class. She does this with absolute selflessness and joy! She is a role model for us all.

Hainan (Tyler) Zhang, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Tyler invests complete effort, thoughtful attention and a deep intellectual curiosity into each class. Tyler is a caring and helpful classmate who frequently supports his classmates with their learning. He is always focused on doing his best, and is a respectful, active and positive presence in our class.

Jose Rodarte, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman
Jose is a hard-working individual who supports each of his classmates with respect. He enjoys our first period activities and is always willing to help out and contribute to the class. Though very quiet, he provides a great spirit to our group and is appreciated for always giving 100%!

Keena Brescia, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Henny Chen
As an IWE in my Chinese II class, Keena joins in class activities, helps in preparing students’ learning materials, and shares her learning experiences with the class. She is a model of a lifelong learner. This month, she not only helped me prepare my presentation for the national STARTALK Fall conference, but also led the class in learning a new theme while I was away presenting. She is a great leader. It is my honor to nominate her as a student of the month.

Julian De La Cruz, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Kristen Parker
Julian is finally taking a visual arts class his senior year and has found that his artistic skills go beyond theater. He is an incredibly diligent worker, and does everything with a purpose and planning for beautiful results.

Ariana Lopez & Chau Nguyen, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
Seniors Ariana Lopez and Chau Nguyen are truly two remarkable learners. Often modeling effective study skills, their attention to course material is evidenced by their inquisitive nature, their on-point focus during class discussions, and their efficient methods of study. I am deeply proud of their hard-working ways.

Peter Vella, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman
Peter is in my Advanced PE class and is one of the reasons I look forward to this class. He always greets me with a smile and has turned into my right-hand man helping me with class procedures, and just being a great person to spend class with. He is a great positive personality in this very active class and I am so glad I get to share a part of his senior year with him!