Students of the Month – November/December 2018

Student of the Month of Nov/Dec

Emilio Cardenas 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Emilio is a constant source of positive energy in our English class, as he is well respected, works effectively with all his peers, and is always thoroughly prepared for class. Despite a football injury, Emilio is always full of productive energy and life. We are lucky to have Emilio at Moreau.

Joseph Ibalio, 9th grade, nominated by Coach Ben Greenbaum
Joseph is a cheerful young man that always brings a positive attitude to class. He always says hello to everyone with a smile and is loved by his classmates. Joseph puts a lot of effort into his schoolwork and makes sure that he always turns in quality work. He is a great example and mentor for his classmates; he is highly respected by his teachers. Thank you Joseph for being an amazing person.

Jhanavi Kotian, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman
Jhanavi has been a great help to her 6th period PE class. Injured in Flag Football she still shows up every day to help. She ran badminton tournaments and now she is keeping score for her bowling team. She is positive, encouraging, and we are looking forward to her full return to activity after Christmas Break. She truly embraces the spirit of family!

Marcus Rivera, 9th grade, nominated by Coach Ben Greenbaum
Marcus is an intelligent young man that displays great respect for his teachers and his peers. Marcus is always willing to participate in class discussions and always does so with great insight. He has a great personality. He is always cheerful and willing to help out. I enjoy having Marcus in my class he is a wonderful example of a Mariner.

Keerthana Srikrishnan, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Keena demonstrates a high level of mature, insightful thought and excellent, thorough work on all assignments. She is extremely thorough, conscientious and respectful. Moreau is fortunate to have Keena in our family.

Bohong (Beau) Su, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Beau is a tremendously positive presence at our school. He cares deeply about doing his best in class, and he works extremely hard. He consistently asks intelligent questions and is highly respected by his classmates and teachers. Beau brings an abundance of positive energy and earnest effort to every class.

Antonio Bayucan, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil
Antonio is one of the brightest students I have ever taught; his knowledge is almost encyclopedic. He gets straight A’s on everything. He is a joy to have in class – always eager to participate, always supportive and helpful, always polite, courteous, and supportive. He has a real spirit of humility around other students and is an outstanding student in my Church History class. 

Jorge Cuevas II, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Samantha Wainwright
Jorge has shown resilience, perseverance, and a strong desire to succeed. Despite missing significant school time due to an injury and surgery, he has been committed to not just “catching up,” but really delving into the curriculum, thinking deeply about literature, and working to establish an enduring understanding of writing skills. It’s been truly wonderful to see his growth and commitment to learning this semester!

Mahda Fallay, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman
Mahda has a great positive attitude in class. He shows up every day to do his best (although he does love to trash talk with his classmates which is part of his competitive spirit). He is a leader; he tries hard at every sport we have done, from golf, to badminton, to bowling! Seeing him is a great way to start my day!!!

Rish Jain, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil
Rish is one of the most dependable, hard-working students in any of my classes. He is always cheerful and enthusiastic, and gives his very best in class. He is extremely responsible and dependable, always on time with his assignments. But what I appreciate most, is his friendliness and eagerness to participate. He really makes the class fun to teach for me, the teacher. 

Emily Kamalnathan, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil
Emily is one of my great helpers in class. As scribe, she comes early to class and writes down the assignments and outline for that day’s class. But beyond that, she is always cheerful, upbeat, and always willing to participate in class activities and discussions. She never misses an assignment and is a straight A student. Overall, her entire class is a joy to teach, but Emily stands out, even in the midst of a classroom full of outstanding students.

Gabrielle Malcampo, 10th grade, nominated by Fr. Bruce Cecil
Gabi is a joy to have in class – always cheerful, helpful, on task, and an outstanding student to boot. She helps not only in my class, but also Ms. Schroeder (in French), which follows or precedes my class (depending on the day and schedule) and is in the same classroom. She is an encouragement to other students in the class, and always gives 100 percent. It is a real joy to have her as one of my students.

Adan Nevel, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman
Adan is an enthusiastic member of Advanced PE. He shows up every day to do his best, is very positive, has a great sense of humor and loves to play tricks on me! He works hard to improve and is a great team player. He is a member of our awesome Football team and that work ethic has carried over to our PE class!

Chris Rendon-Ibarra, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Christine Krisman
Chris is an outstanding member of our Advanced PE class and has consistently been one of the top players in every sport we have done. He demonstrates great leadership, and works hard to elevate the play of those around him. He is also a big part of the success of our Varsity Boys Basketball team. He is well liked and respected by the class and has a great spirit of family.

Jenna Den Bleyker, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
Jenna Den Bleyker constantly models what it means to grow academically, socially, and spiritually. She is a gifted Mariner who tackles any challenge placed before her—and she does so in a way that inspires others to follow her lead. I am proud of her many achievements.

Alyssa Pimentel, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
Alyssa Pimentel is a young woman of great faith. It is evident that spirituality is something that comes quite naturally to her—as if the Spirit directly guides her daily. I’m in awe of her knowledge of the faith, her vocal and silent devotions to her spirituality, and the way she values religion as a guiding instrument to further develop an understanding of the Divine and our complex world.