Students of the Month – August/September 2018

Anna Fomitchev, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
An absolute infusion of positive, hard-working energy for our Honors English 9 class. Anna is actively invested in our class each day and she has demonstrated both high-level critical thinking and well-organized, insightful writing.

Julianne Marie Gatchalian, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Peter Shelley
In just a few short weeks, Julianne had shown unbelievable knowledge, understanding and attention to details. Her projects are creative, well researched and thorough. Julianne is kind, humble, thoughtful and faith-filled. A true blessing and true Mariner!

Ethan Lebon, 9th grade, nominated by Ms. Morgan Derby
Even as a first quarter freshman, Ethan’s work has shown excellence in achievement, consistency, and diligence, and a keen, sincere learning mindset. Ethan participates in class in a way that models excellence in time management and organization. Notably, he is also kind, responsive to feedback, and fully engaging with his peers each and every day. A true asset to the Moreau community, and someone I can’t wait to work with and support in the years to come.

Penny Semko, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
It has been a pleasure having Penny in class. She brings a mature level of critical thinking to classroom discussion. Penny works well with her classmates, and her clever, creative thinking has helped her group flourish on projects.

Valerie So, 9th grade, nominated by Coach Ben Greenbaum
Valerie is an amazing young lady that displays the true Mariner qualities of respect. She is respectful to her teachers, peers, and the Moreau environment. I am excited to have her as a student and look forward to working with her more throughout the school year.

Ainsley Trunkhill, 9th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Ainsley has quickly established herself as a hard-working, well-organized, and highly successful member of our Honors English 9 class. She thrives in small group, whole class, and individual work settings. Ainsley always makes her voice heard, and she cares deeply about learning and doing her best.

Ziqi (Victoria) Zhang, 9th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman
Victoria has totally embraced the PE experience, quickly learning the sports we played, contributing positively on her teams and putting in a full effort every day. She shows a great understanding of what it means to be part of a team. She is quick to hug her teammates and classmates for good plays and for supporting her. Her smile brightens my day!

Teri Beasley, 10th grade, nominated by Ms. Samantha Wainwright
Teri is a motivated, hard-working student who clearly aims to get the most out of her time at Moreau and is a role model to her peers in the St. Andre program. She takes advantage of all opportunities to study and get ahead, completes all of her assignments thoroughly and thoughtfully, and contributes to a positive atmosphere by encouraging her peers to do the same. Teri is a student who makes it happen!

Maissa Nafisa, 10th grade, nominated by Mr. Andy Ward
Maissa is consistently well-organized, always desires to produce high-quality work, and she is a positive influence on her fellow students and teacher. She is highly respected by her peers, and she is a great addition to our school.

Elijah Perez, 10th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman
Elijah has demonstrated great leadership and teamwork in first period PE. He is quick to help out, stays very positive and encourages his classmates. He is also helping out with the home football games by running the game clock for JV games and is working hard on student government. He is a very active member of the Mariner family!

Reesah Baker, Aaron Bautista, Yuhao (Perry) Chen and Jolene Ku, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Morgan Derby
Each of these students has shown a balance of both superb effort and excellence in achievement. This is no small feat at the beginning of junior year. They are nominated for their consistency of performance, and — most importantly — for their sincerity of effort. These juniors model strong habits for their peers, and they are (each in their own way) — whether for their kindness, general thoughtfulness, or sense of humor — a sincere joy to have in class!

LC Glover, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
LC is the man! As a current student of Morality, LC often jumps into the trenches of class discussions and ignites the fray with credible and compelling points of view. He is a solid thinker, and a young man who knows how to articulate his thoughts remarkably well.

Nicolas Ledesma, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Sarah Ledford
Nicolas has demonstrated a great work ethic so far this year. He is always on task and gets his work done and turned in on time. In addition, he has shown great ability in historical analysis and reasoning skills.

En-Yi Lin, 11th grade, nominated by Ms. Morgan Derby
En-Yi has shown amazing responsiveness to feedback and tenacity in the face of challenges. She is warm, sincere, and, all around, an amazing student, positive presence, and classmate!

Cuong (Bill) Pham, 11th grade, nominated by Mr. Rick Spinelli
Bill helped me instruct our newest international students during the summertime. This means he came in to school during his summer vacation to help me run the International Student Orientation from 9 to 2 daily. He showcased both a mature and caring personality to these new members of the Moreau family. He talked to each one of them, helping them all to better understand what it means to be a Mariner. I am so appreciative of Bill’s time in helping me do this.

Chelsea Rose Farinaro, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Phil Wilder
Every day Chelsea comes to class with a greeting that lights up the room. She is a living example of “attitude is everything” as she completes and submits all of her work with a smile and almost always writes her responses on paper. Chelsea brings not only questions but she also comes well prepared with her answers to the class, and she is also a great example of the student-athlete as she is also currently on the water polo team.

Allison Hastings, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
Allison is such an on-point and analytical student. I do believe she fathoms the untold depths of Prophecy & Apocalyptic Literature. I’m in awe of her intelligence, efficiency and creativity. Allison continues to tackle curriculum with a steadfast work ethic that constantly leads her to produce work far from mediocrity. She’s golden!

Isaiah Krzywicki & Yabets Merid, 12thth grade, nominated by Ms. Morgan Derby
Isaiah and Yabets have shown incredible courage, vulnerability, self-awareness, reflection, and commitment to their personal growth in their writing. Their personal essays, drafted over the last few weeks, comprise some of the sincerest, most eloquent personal writing I’ve encountered in my career.

Gavin Lathrop, 12th grade, nominated by Ms. Sarah Ledford
Gavin has been doing exceptionally well in Economics this year. He is always on task and works very hard. In addition, he is doing an excellent job at self-advocating for himself… a skill that will be very useful in college next year!

Nathan Maffei, 12th grade, nominated by Phil Wilder
Nathan is currently my IWE and has gone above and beyond to complete every project I have given him to the highest degree. He has a wonderful attitude and is always trying to make things better. I had Nathan in class last year and his approach to his work, then and now, clearly demonstrates the results of “effort equals ability.” He certainly is deserving of a standing ovation for not only what he does, but also how he does it.

Jacob Martyn, 12th grade, nominated by Mrs. Christine Krisman
Jacob has demonstrated great leadership and team spirit during our flag football and volleyball units. He is always willing to help out, and is considerate of all members of the class. He is truly an awesome member of the Mariner family!

Caitlyn Vergara & Yajaira Torres, 12th grade, nominated by Mr. Antonio Rodriguez
Seniors Caitlyn Vergara and Yajaira Torres are both exceptional thinkers who each have a commanding grasp on Biblical content. I’m quite proud of all their effort and achievements. Scholars indeed!