Social Justice Reflection

On January 24th and 25th, I had the opportunity to accompany a group of Junior students and a few colleagues on the Social Justice Retreat. This retreat heads into San Francisco’s Tenderloin District and spends 2 days with multiple organizations such as Up On Top and St. Anthony Foundation. We had an amazing time together as we learned from others, analyzed our own lives, and tried to make a positive impact. The first day is long as it begins with meeting at Moreau at 7:00 am with pick up after 8:30 pm. After that first day, students are exhausted and many said they were asleep before their parents’ car left the Moreau parking lot. There was one student, Lucy Feng, who was still exhausted but had other plans with her evening.

When she left Moreau, she asked her host parent to drive her to Food Source in order to pick up hygiene items and snacks. After spending time shopping and buying these items, she then went home and didn’t have the energy for her next task. She went to sleep, but then woke up early before having to be at school again by 7:00 am to have enough time to take her purchased items and create care packages for the individuals without a home we would meet later in the day.

It is always remarkable when a student goes out of their way to help others. High school is a difficult time, but Lucy recognized that other individuals also have struggles and she saw a way that she could help. That second day we went into the city with Lucy’s care packages and passed them out as we walked through the streets of the Tenderloin. Her classmates helped give out the packages, but once again Lucy did something different. She would take her care package up to an individual and ask for their name. Once they looked at Lucy and were touched by her generous smile, they would share their name. Lucy would then use their name to ask if they would like a care package. That day she gave people important items such as food and hygiene items, but even more important than that, she gave respect to each individual.

Lucy Feng is an international student, but she is so much more than that label. She is an intelligent, hard-working student who deeply cares for those around her. She enjoys being a member of band as a stellar percussionist. She is a student who is always trying to be the best version of herself. Informed and formed in Holy Cross, Lucy is a mariner transforming the community one compassionate deed at a time.