Students Create Special Children’s Books for the Holidays

For 38 children in San Francisco, their Christmas was a little brighter thanks to special books written in English and Spanish by Moreau Catholic High School students.

The school’s Spanish 3 Honors students wrote the children’s stories, illustrated them and donated the books to children from the Up on Top program in San Francisco. Many of the books focus on either pets or children and include a moral like “don’t give up,” “being different,” “human kindness” and “self-acceptance.” 

“I am very proud of my students’ work, not only to see the final product but also to see how enthusiastic they became when they found out where we were going to deliver the books,” said Moreau Spanish teacher Ana Patterson. “The books are just wonderful!”

“Some of my students have previously met the children in the program so have a special friend to which they have written the book,” Patterson added. “Writing the book and giving it to the child in person has a great impact for both of them.”

The students began working on their books a month ago with Patterson helping them with editing their Spanish.

“The project teaches our students many things, including what it means to be Holy Cross and open up their hearts to those in need,” Patterson said. “The students are very proud of their work and many of them want to keep in touch with the kids.”

Patterson completed a similar project in years past, where her AP Spanish students sent the children’s books they created to a school library in Honduras.