Moreau TEDx Talks Online

Moreau Catholic’s TEDx event on April 17 brought together the Mariner community — parents, family, faculty, students, and friends — to hear dynamic talks on hope and transformation from 16 students.

Their passionate talks modeled Moreau’s Holy Cross values and reminded those in attendance of the power of the student’s voice and their role in changing the world.

“We wanted our theme for the TEDx youth conference to be both specific to our charism as a member school in the larger network of Holy Cross schools, and broad enough to evoke the spirit of our youth in these trying times in our world,” social justice teacher Bryan Lorentz said.

Providence and Promise as a theme is not just a poetic rendition of the school’s Holy Cross charism — it connotes both God’s active presence in everyone’s life as well as the promise of better times, and a future to envision and work towards.

“TEDx offered our students a springboard to share their stories, creating a space for their friends and families to share ideas of a better way to live with one another,” Lorentz added.

“I can’t imagine what our founder Basil Moreau must have seen looking out on a land decimated by civil war, in the aftermath of the French Revolution. Perhaps it was providence that this young, nerdy scholar from a broken nation would put a vision for change into action.”

Lorentz added, “Our young student leaders are visionaries and their TEDx talks were evidence of the fruits of this providence, the fulfillment of a promise that continually challenges us all to author a future of hope.”

The presentations from these students and three guests are now online on the Moreau youtube page as well as the TEDx youtube page.